Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Awesome Splitting Axe

Reviews: Fiskars 7884 X27 36-Inch Super Splitting Axe

I dont normally post reviews for anything i buy b/c most things i buy do exactly what i expect of them.
Well, this purchase wowed me so much i just had to write a review.

Monday, September 17, 2012

unbelievable wood splitter!

Reviews: Fiskars 7854 X25 28-Inch Splitting Axe

I must admit I was quite skeptical when ordering the Fiskars 7854 Super splitting axe. I had read the reviews promoting it and also those noting its short length. When it arrived the first thing I noticed what the fit and finish of the Axe. Like the other Fiskars products I own this is a well made tool that should last many, many years.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Excellent AXE, Unbeliveably sharp

Reviews: Fiskars 7884 X27 36-Inch Super Splitting Axe

Used to swing a 14.5lb maul but with back problems was looking for a lighter alternative but cannot afford a nice hydraulic splitter.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Like Butter

Reviews: Fiskars 7854 X25 28-Inch Splitting Axe

Someone else mentioned that this thing splits like butter. I'll echo that sentiment. The blade is shaped just right to quickly penetrate the wood and create a split. The outer coating of a teflon-like substance means that the force of you blow will be transferred into lateral force, pushing the two halves of the split apart. The blade is very sharp. Not quite razor sharp, but it would slice you open if you let it.

I was able to split 20" rounds of wet maple with ease. Anything larger than 14" needed at least 2 whacks to make the initial split, but two to four shots in the same area usually did the trick. Larger than 20" still requires a sledge and wedge for the initial split.

After an hour of splitting with the Fiskars, I switched back to my old 8 pound maul for a few whacks. I noticed right away that although it weighed almost twice as much (and my back and hands noticed that immediately), the larger maul split no better. I'm never using the pointy end of my maul again (i use the blunt side for wedges).

Friday, September 14, 2012

best I've ever used - splitting wonder

Reviews: Fiskars 7884 X27 36-Inch Super Splitting Axe

I've never used anything like this; lightweight, I haven't experienced any vibration, and it seems to cut through anything true to it's word with more one strike splits - nearly all of them are.

I'm just about through the first load of logs for the season (10-12 face cord conservatively of beech, hard maple, cherry, etc.) and we'll burn at least 25 cord a year so I'll split 25-30 to be safe. I was planning to buy a wood splitter next year but I'm not anymore, it would be a waste of time and money.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

If you don't have a powered log splitter...this should be your choice

Reviews: Fiskars 7854 X25 28-Inch Splitting Axe

Do I really need to review this with all of the 5 star ratings? Do you really need to read another review?
Probably not.

But here is my story of why my shoulders hurt a bit today.
I usually borrow my relative's log splitter which goes through anything but is somewhat a slow process (except your back and shoulders will thank you!). I got sick of borrowing the log splitter and I wasn't about to shell out 1k+ for a good log splitter.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Five Stars for Fiskars, but beware Amazon's return policy

Reviews: Fiskars 7884 X27 36-Inch Super Splitting Axe

As many others have noted in their reviews, this is a fantastic tool. I have several Fiskars axes, and was thrilled to see a longer version of the Splitting Axe offered. I have split many cords of firewood with my 7854 28" Splitting Axe, which is now called the X25. My particular X27 didn't hold up very well, the handle cracked and then broke after a few uses. I contacted Amazon about a replacement, and Amazon was not interested in replacing the axe since more than 30 days (about 60) had passed since purchase. I pointed out to the Amazon CSR that a product advertised as "unbreakable" could be reasonably expected to last longer than 30 days. Amazon remained uninterested, and suggested that I contact Fiskars. I did so, filling out a short form on the Fiskars web site, and submitting a photo of the broken axe. A Fiskars representative contacted me a few days later, and my replacement axe arrived in ten days or so.